baby portraits in Littleton, Colorado

About 4 years ago I took portraits of the cutest little baby. This was before I opened element one, and was for a different studio.  Her mom happened to be browsing photographers online and liked my website. She starting booking an appointment with me for her new 6 month old son and we realized I had taken her daughters pictures at 6 months old. What a small world. I remembered the little girl because she made the cutest little faces. Especially the Uh-Oh face she made. I absolutely love children’s photography. It is so fun.

Here she is at 6 months!


here she is for her 4 year portrait!


Here are pictures of her new little brother!

baby portrait


baby photography

Here are all 3 siblings


I hope that I can do a lot of children’s photography this spring. It is so much fun!

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One Response to baby portraits in Littleton, Colorado

  1. Gina says:

    Beautiful photos AND kids!

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